The Chicago Deep Pot Pizza Company

Craft Beer & Chicago Deep Pot Pizza

Up to 100 Austrian and International craft beers & cider on tap and Chicago Deep Pot Pizza, the funkiest new style of pizza in town. 500 m2, 3 bars on 2 floors and a large outdoor beer garden.
House Special – Beer & Pizza only €10,- !!!

» Address: Passauer Platz 2, 1010 Vienna
» Opening Hours: Mon.-Sun. 17:00h – 02:00h
» Food & Drink menu


What is Chicago Deep Pot Pizza ?

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Chicago deep pot pizza is a very unique style of pizza, first developed in 1972 in Chicago by the world-famous Oven Grinder Pizza Company.

It is often referred to as the ´´Upside Down Pizza´´ because of the unusual way it is made. Deep pot pizza is actually baked in a pot or bowl, with the pizza dough on top, as opposed to on the bottom with regular pizza but with a deeper more bowl-shaped base. When it is cooked, it is flipped over by the waiter while being served, so it resembles a regular pizza but with a deeper more bowl-shaped base. More like a delicious meat or vegetable pie than a regular pizza.

Pop in and try one for yourself !

chogago (2)
Paddysco DeepPotPizza
chogago (2)
Paddysco DeepPotPizza
Paddysco ChicagoDeepPotPizza